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Point Arguello Coast Guard Rescue Station
South Vandenberg AFB
Also known as "The Boathouse"

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"Point Arguello Boathouse 1"

"Point Arguello Boathouse #2"

"Point Arguello Boathouse #3"

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The History

The U.S. Coast Guard Rescue Station and Lookout Tower at Point Arguello, California, was established on December 17, 1936, and ceased normal operations on December 31, 1941. The site was purchased by the Coast Guard on July 22, 1935, and it remained under their jurisdiction until February 10, 1958, when it was transferred to the U.S. Navy. This site, on an open cove approximately two miles south of the Point Arguello Lighthouse, was selected as a location for a rescue station because of the long history of naval disasters which have occurred on this section of the California Coast.

Between the years of 1936 and 1941 the Coast Guard constructed on the site an Administration and Barracks Bldg. (1936), a Garage Bldg. (1936),  a small Water Treatment Bldg. (1936), a Flag Tower (1936), a Lookout Tower (1937), a granite rock Breakwater (1939), and a Dock, Marine Railway and Boathouse (1937). All of these structures were designed by the Civil Engineering Office of the Coast Guard in Washington D.C. and they were built on contract by private California construction firms. The architectural imagery evoked was that of the residential Colonial Revival; a style almost universally employed (1900-1940) by the Coast Guard for its many land facilities.

When activated in 1936 the facility was manned by two officers and seven surfmen; when it ceased its normal operation on December 31, 1941, there were one officer and fifteen enlisted personnel. The two principal activities of the facility centered on three rescue boats sheltered in the Boathouse and the manning of the Flag Tower and the Lookout Tower. The three rescue boats could be quickly launched on a Marine Railroad which extended from the Boathouse to the harbor. During its brief six year period of existence the facility participated on only two occassions in rescue operations.

The Boathouse was demolished in 1982 to reconfigure the harbor for use in the West Coast Space Shuttle Program. External tanks for the space shuttle would be barged from the manufacturing site in Louisiana, through the Panama Canal, and docked in the harbor. Several tanks were delivered to Vandenberg, but none were ever used for a shuttle launch. They were eventually transported by barge from Vandenberg.


For more information about the Boathouse, visit the Library of Congress, American Memory Section